Focus and Funding

The Foundation’s mission is to enable worthy organizations to expand their impact on the communities and people that they serve. That mission is not restricted to specific categories of organizations, but the Summit Foundation does focus largely on sustainable programs that impact economic development and that adhere to collective impact principles. Those programs have included educational and literacy initiatives, micro-finance, health and wellness programs, and Christian missions.

The Summit Foundation evaluates potential programs by a number of criteria that are intended to help identify programs that align with the overall mission and focus of The Summit Companies and the members of Summit that contribute to the Foundation. These criteria include, but are not limited to:

  • Ability to be able to demonstrate additional impact with the donated funds
  • Adherence to collective impact principles
  • Alignment with Christian values and commitment to glorifying Christ through the work
  • Access to other funding sources
  • Opportunity for Summit to build relationships with the supported organization and participate directly in the programs